Reboot All The Things!

Many issues are easily resolved by simply restarting your computer and router. If Screens Connect suddenly experiences connection issues for no apparent reason, try this first.

What is the difference between Screens Connect and Screens for Mac?

Screens for Mac is a VNC/Screen Sharing and SSH/Remote Management client app.

Screens Connect is an optional utility app that automatically configures your network to make your computer reachable from virtually anywhere.

If you intend to connect to a remote Mac only from Screens for iOS, only Screens Connect for Mac and Screens for iOS are required. You do not have to purchase Screens for Mac.

What is the difference between Screens Express and Screens Connect?

Screens Express is intended for infrequent use, when you do not need to connect to a Mac on a regular basis.

Screens Connect is intended for more regular/frequent use.

Both tools are optional utility apps that automatically configure your network to make your computer reachable from anywhere. If you wish to remotely connect to your computers on a regular basis, install Screens Connect. If you want to connect to a Mac simply to assist a client, friend, or relative, have them install Screens Express so that Screens can establish a connection with their computer.

Screens Connect for Mac supports OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later, and is available for download here.

If your circumstances prevent you from using Screens Connect, you may also configure the connection manually.

I'm unable to install Screens Connect for Mac.

Screens Connect supports OS X 10.6.8 or later. To get the most appropriate version for your operating system, please visit

If you're working with the correct version of Screens Connect and you're still having trouble installing the app, it's possible that disk permissions need repair. To repair disk permissions, open Disk Utility, select your Mac's system volume and click Repair Disk Permissions.

If repairing permissions doesn't seem to help, please refer to this article.

Which routers are supported?

For more information about routers supported by Screens Connect, please refer to this article.